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Song of the Self, Tarot Deck

A re-visioned deck takes tarot to the next level as a tool for self-realization: you the seeker are the revealer of your own consciousness to be your own reader, healer and teacher. 

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The Keys to Love are presented here with brief descriptions and also in the website Deck Gallery, where the images and instruction cards can be viewed enlarged.

Self-growth does not need to be complicated; the answers are within. The Song of the Self Tarot: The Keys to Love are reflections of who we are and our journey through this incarnation we call life. Working with the images you may discover your personal truth and universal wisdom to include, we are divine conscious beings living in a simulation for the purpose to gain self-knowledge. 

Self-Inquiry is the process of revealing the truth. By using the images as a starting point, the reader can ask, what is this image communicating to you in the present moment?

The Fool 0

To heal the split of psychic fragmentation, the Fool takes the journey of self-realization.

Brief Description of the Fool: The Fool represents our undifferentiated consciousness as a jumble of Ego, Shadow, Soul, and Spirit.

Keywords and Phrases: Journey of self-discovery, undifferentiation, new adventure.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Are you ready to take a dive into Self-Discovery? What is my next step in this journey of Self Realization?

Magical Ego I

My conscious mind is essential, the Magical Ego is my potential.

Brief Description of the Magical Ego: The Magical Ego is the archetype of our conscious awareness; possessing the ability to perceive our external and internal worlds, with the four functions of thinking, feeling, intuition and five senses.

Keywords and Phrases: Consciousness, potential, personality, four functions: thinking, feeling, intuition, five senses.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: What potential are you inspired to fulfill? What is the vision of yourself you wish to realize?

shadow ii

The Shadow contains all that is within, Feeling our feelings, healing can begin.

Brief Description of Shadow: The Shadow holds material hidden from conscious awareness, such as repressed emotions, the Soul, and Spirit. Looking within the Shadow, the Ego begins the healing process, soul reclamation and spiritual resurrection.  

Keywords and Phrases: Repressed emotions, hidden gifts and talents.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  What emotions are you ignoring? Can you provide a safe environment for them to surface?

Soul iii

The Divine Feminine is the goddess soul of our heart, her Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom, she does impart.

Brief Description of Soul: The Soul, the Divine Feminine eternal archetype of the Self is the embodiment of Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom. 

Keywords and Phrases:  Divine Feminine, Goddess, Beauty, Passion, Wisdom, inner voice of intuition, empowerment.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  How do you express your Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom? What messages are you receiving from within?

Spirit iv

When the ego, soul and spirit align, The Self is made whole and divine.

Brief Description of Spirit: The Divine Masculine, sitting on the mountain top signifies, the spiritualized ego. 

Keywords and Phrases:  Divine Masculine, God Self, Service to Humanity, manifesting Divine Self and divine qualities.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  How can I be of service to others? What divine qualities do I need to manifest? 

Hierophant v

We pray to break out from Ego’s wall, to answer the Hierophant’s spiritual call.

Brief Description of the Hierophant:.The Hierophant is the Divine Self, calling the ego to go within to bring out the inner treasures of Shadow, Soul, and Spirit. 

Keywords and Phrases: Answering the Call, spiritual journey.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  What inner calling do I need to heed?

Merging vi

Going within you can heal, when all your feelings you feel.

Brief Description of Merging:  Merging with Shadow is the healing process of making the unconscious conscious. 

Keywords and Phrases: Uniting with the Shadow, expressing feelings.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you express the feelings you have repressed?

Golden Carriage vii

Feelings expressed are the energy of motivation, rechanneled from Shadow for Soul reclamation.

Brief Description of the Golden Carriage: The Golden Carriage is the transition from ego, merged with Shadow, to access the Soul. Expressing feelings is the fuel for self-motivation. 

Keywords and Phrases: Transition from Shadow to Soul; vulnerable, motivation.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: What vulnerability may cause a relapse to your transition from ego to soul? How can you protect yourself?

Personal Power Place viii

Beauty, Passion and Wisdom are the gifts of the Soul, the Divine Feminine seeks union with spirit to be whole.

Brief Description of Personal Place of Power: The ego becoming soul centered, gains self-esteem and develops the strengths of Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom.  

Keywords and Phrases: Personal Empowerment, Beauty, Passion and Wisdom of the Soul, Inner Strength.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: How do you express Beauty, Passion and Wisdom of your Soul?

Hermit ix

The Hermit opens his third eye to see within, to help others for their journey to begin.

Brief Description of the Hermit: The Hermit, enlightened with Divine Feminine Consciousness, shares his insight to help others.

Keywords and Phrases: Enlightenment, Insight, sharing wisdom of the soul, healer.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: What insight and guidance am I receiving from within?

fate x

With faith, my great destiny I fulfill, giving my life to god to do as it will.

Brief Description of Fate: With the Tri-Principality of Fate, we develop the faith in our divine self as our guiding force.

Keywords and Phrases: Faith, giving your life to God, Accepting Fate.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  What is Divine Will asking you to do with your life? Am I resisting change?

Karma xi

We persevere through perceived disorder, knowing everything is in Divine Order.

Brief Description of Karma: With the Tri-Principality of Karma, we develop the divine quality of perseverance to meet challenging life circumstances, we agreed to before incarnation.

Keywords and Phrases: Perseverance, accepting divine order, overcoming adversity.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you persevere through adversity?

timing xii

Everything in God’s time I must accede, Patience is the divine quality I now need.

Brief Description of Timing:  Our lives subject to the Tri-Principality of Timing, we develop the divine quality of Patience. 

Keywords and Phrases: Patience, Divine timing, power of non-doing.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you develop the patience to allow for divine timing?

death xiii

The soul submits to a deathly transformation, for Infinite Flow of Compassion manifestation.

Brief Description of Death: Death is the transition of the Soul, (Divine Feminine) to be reborn as the (Divine Masculine) Spirit.

Keywords and Phrases: Goddess to god, Soul to Spirit, death and rebirth, transition, alchemy of the soul, personal to universal, multi-dimensional. 

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you let go of identifying with your soul, manifesting her personal desires, to fulfill your highest purpose in service to others as a compassionate healing presence for all humanity?

Infinite flow of compassion xiv

Merging Ego, Shadow, Soul and Spirit to be as one, we shine Infinite Flow of Compassion, like the sun.

Brief Description of Infinite Flow of Compassion: The sacred marriage of Soul and Spirit, produces the heart centered, spiritualized ego, flowing with unconditional love.  

Keywords and Phrases: Unconditional Love, Compassion, Sacred Marriage (Hieros Gamos) Healing Presence.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you share your Infinite Flow of Compassion with others as a force of healing?

devil xv

The world is really a simulation, to learn to be a divine creation.

Brief Description of the Devil: The physical world we live in is a simulation for our consciousness to learn and grow to manifest our divinity.

Keywords and Phrases: Simulation, deception, integrity.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you accept the truth of reality? Can you be aware of the deceptive dark forces trying to keep us ignorant of our divinity?

tower xvi

Collapse the false tower of limitation, with the lightning bolt of inspiration.

Brief Description of the Tower: The Lightning Bolt of Inspiration destroys dysfunctional paradigms and activates the tower of divine consciousness.

Keywords and Phrases: Inspiration,Paradigm Collapse of false belief system, Lightning Bolt of Inspiration, divine consciousness.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you allow the Lightning Bolt of Inspiration to activate divine consciousness and dismantle any remaining dysfunctional paradigms of consciousness?  

star xvii

The Star is the divine power of imagination, like our source, we visualize our Self-creation.

Brief Description of the Star: As the Star, through our imagination; we envision our divinity, realize our higher purpose, get ideas for creativity.

Keywords and Phrases: Visualization, Imagination, Divine Masculine Father, Ascension, Star of Genius.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: How can I use my imagination to manifest my divinity? How may I best serve humanity?

Moon xviii

The Moon, the Divine Mother of desire, births the vision of Divine Masculine Fire.

Brief Description of the Moon: The Moon is the Divine Mother’s desire, uniting with the Divine Father’s vision, for birthing the Divine Child (Divine Consciousness.)

Keywords and Phrases: Desire, Divine Feminine, Divine Mother, Moon.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you use your power of desire to birth into consciousness the conception of your divine child?

sun xix

Divine consciousness shines below, as above, as the divine child radiating a rainbow of love.

Brief Description of the Sun: The Sun Tarot is our divine child, Spirit, expressing itself through us as divine human consciousness.

Keywords and Phrases: Divine Child, Manifestation of Divine Consciousness, Rainbow of Love, Sun

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  As the manifestation of divine consciousness, are you accepting and expressing your role as a spiritual teacher?

Incarnation xx

Giving my pain to god, I become divine With the light of forgiveness, I now shine.

Brief Description of Incarnation: Through forgiveness we incarnate our divinity on Earth.

Keywords and Phrases: giving pain to god, forgiveness, incarnating divinity.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you release your pain, anger, and vengeance with the power of forgiveness?

resurrection xxi

My spirit rises to the earth, fulfills the purpose of my birth.

Brief Description of Resurrection: Resurrecting Spirit into consciousness, the Four Archetypes of The Self are united as our Gift to the World.

Keywords and Phrases: Manifesting Divine Self on Earth, Wholeness, Unity, Oneness.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  Have you forgiven to ascend as your divine Self, your gift to the world?

1. Divine Fire

Divine Fire, the energy spark, its vibration lights the dark.

Brief Description of Divine Fire: Divine Fire is illustrated as a column of white light breaking through the purple darkness; it represents power of inspiration rippling into consciousness as pre-thought.

Keywords and Phrases: Source, Inspiration, Pre-thought.

Questions to Ask in A Reading: What vision do you have for your life?

2. Clouds of Thought

Energy moves into a wispy formation, two thought clouds of mentalization.

Brief Description of Clouds of Thought: Two puffy white clouds on a blue background are symbolic of energy forming into thoughts in our minds. The mentalization of Divine Fire provides us with a vision or an idea.

Keywords and Phrases: Thinking, Imagination, vision.

Questions to Ask in A Reading: What vision do you have for your life?

3. Raindrops of Emotion

Adding feeling to thought, raindrops form, the power of desire brings on a storm.

Brief Description of Raindrops of Emotion: Three large raindrops fall from the sky, depicts the weightiness of thought united with emotion. The falling raindrops are symbolic of emotion moving closer to settling into earthly ego consciousness. It is desire, informing the vision for manifestation.

Keywords and Phrases: Feeling, Emotion, Self-Expression.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: What are you feeling? What is your desire?

4. Field of Dreams

Setting your intention provides fertilization, ground your desire through verbalization.

Brief Description of Field of Dreams: The quartered field with four rows each, indicates the Field of Dreams has been prepared. The plowed field representing the grounding of desire begins by setting an intention with your mind, Clouds of Thought; adding passion, Rain Drops of Emotion and now by verbalizing it to create a field of manifestation.

Keywords and Phrases: Grounding, taking action, place of power, verbalization, resonance.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  What is your dream? Do you desire spiritual growth?

5. Constellation of self

The constellation of Self begins to shine, to bring forth the qualities of the divine.

Brief Description of Constellation of Self: Five stars shining from a blue sky, symbolize the constellation of the Self. This fifth symbol, Stars, with five points, associated with the five senses, indicates the divine energy becoming a verbalized thought- desire, manifesting into our reality. It means, having done the shadow work and planted the seeds of our desire, the divine feminine soul begins to be brought into consciousness.

Keywords and Phrases: Soul Awareness, accessing divine qualities, Constellation of the Self.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Do you sense your spiritual self, beginning to constellate in your consciousness? Which divine qualities are you expressing or desire to access?

6. Crystallization of Self

The diamond self crystalizing, is our divinity materializing.

Brief Description of Crystallization of Self.: Six glowing orange gems suspended in the sky, signifies the crystallizing of the divine expression of the Self. We shine our divine qualities like the many facets of a jewel. Crystallization helps us see clearly the facets of who we are and the issues we face.

Keywords and Phrases: Spiritual Awareness, Expanding Divine Qualities, Crystallization of the Self.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Which divine qualities do you want to expand?

7. Buds of self-Awareness

Buds of Self-Awareness emerge in my mind, my Strength of Vulnerability, I now find.

Brief Description of Buds of Self-Awareness: The image of seven rose buds on a dark thorny branch express the beauty of the soul budding into consciousness. Many thorns protect the newly evolving, vulnerable emergence of Soul.

Keywords and Phrases: Expressing gentleness, softness of the soul. Strength of Vulnerability, budding divine qualities.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Can you allow your Strength of Vulnerability exist as a force of healing?

8. Blossoms of Enlightenment

Summer flowers, the blossoms of light, my enlightened soul is shining bright.

Brief Description of Blossoms of Enlightenment: Eight shining flowers signify the enlightened soul. The maturation of the goddess soul has fully realized her powers of Beauty, Passion and Wisdom.  

Keywords and Phrases: Enlightenment,Goddess in full bloom, radiating divine qualities, healer.

Questions to Ask in a Reading: Are you shining your love and light as a healer?

9. Tree of self

Our Spirit emerges in our story, as Tree of Self in Autumnal glory.

Brief Description of Tree of Self: In the Autumn of the Soul, a human figure of light emerges from a leafless tree, symbolizes the emerging of the divine masculine. The tree is a symbol of the Self in wholeness.

Keywords and Phrases: Spiritual Emergence, Divine Consciousness.

Questions to Ask in a Reading of Tree of Self: Are you turning adversity into an opportunity into expanding your divine qualities?

10. Mountain of Joy

Divine Fire has completed the course, Mountain of Joy amplifies the source.

Brief Description of Mountain of Joy: On a purple mountain, ten snow-capped peaks encircle a light, symbolize the amplification of spirit.

Keywords and Phrases: Amplification of Spirit, Beacon of Light, Healing presence, spiritual teacher.

Questions to Ask in a Reading:  What divine qualities do you want to amplify in your service to others?

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