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Self-Inquiry Reading Suggestions

Suggested Four Card Spread Reading – Read Counterclockwise

Use the below table as a card meaning quick reference.

Tarot CardChallenge: Subconscious BlockSolution: Divine Quality
Fool OIgnoranceCourage
Magical Ego IResistance, worthlessnessApplication, Self esteem
Shadow IIUnconsciousnessConsciousness
Soul IIIPowerlessnessEmpowerment
Spirit IVBurdenResponsible, Authenticity
Hierophant VRefusing the spiritual pathAnswering, Accepting Divine Guidance
Merging VIRepressionExpression
Golden Carriage VIITemptation, distractionStrength of Vulnerability
Place of Personal Power VIIIPowerlessnessEmpowerment
Hermit IXSelf-DoubtEnlightenment
Fate XFaithlessFaith
Karma XIDespairPerseverance
Timing XIIImpatiencePatience
Death XIIIGrieving, not letting goAcceptance
Infinite Flow of Compassion XIVFear of not being worthyLove
Devil XVDeceptionTruth
Tower XVIMind control, arroganceInspiration, humility
Star XVIIUninspired,Imagination
Moon XVIIIAddictionsPower of Desire
Sun XIXGod complexManifesting Spirit
Incarnation XXVengeanceForgiveness
Resurrection XXIFear of TrustOneness
1. Divine FireDenialInspiration
2.  Clouds of ThoughtNegative thinkingVisualization of Divine Self
3.  Raindrops of EmotionEmotional overwhelm, Emotional disconnectEmotionalization: power of Desire
4.  Field of DreamsFear of failure, fear of success, fear of standing outVerbalization of desire, doing the work
5.  StarsUngroundednessPower of imagination
6.  DiamondsLack of focusHoning the facets of divinity
7.  Buds of Self AwarenessVulnerable, over protective, easily sidetracked, manipulatedFaith, Strength of Vulnerability, Beauty, Passion
8.  Blossoms of EnlightenmentAggressionSoftness, gentleness, love, compassion, kindness,
9.  Tree of SelfLoneliness, isolationAccepting divinity, integrity
10. Mountain of JoyTimidity, Lack of ConfidenceAmplification of Divinity
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