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Song of the Self, Tarot Book and Card Deck

Not Just Divination, but Self-Realization!


ISBN: 979-8-218-20109-8

The Song of the Self is a tarot and self-help book using story, analysis, activations, affirmations, and autobiography in support of self-growth.

As presented in this book, the ego’s journey of Self Realization is threefold: healing the Shadow, expressing the Beauty, Passion, and Wisdom of the Soul, and accessing and expanding our divine qualities, such as compassion and forgiveness.

The Song of the Self guides the user through a process of revealing the unconscious limiting beliefs. Once revealed, the possibilities for healing and release become accessible.


The Song of the Self Tarot deck takes tarot to the next level as a tool for self-realization: you the seeker are the revealer of your own consciousness to be your own reader, healer and teacher. 

Each card back offers a brief description, keywords and phrases and questions to ask in a reading. Included with this wisdom deck are instructions for three spreads. A deeper understanding of the cards and the journey of self realization are revealed in the book, Song of the Self: Keys to Love.

ISBN: 979-8-218-26583-0
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